Charles Veilleux & associés, lawyers, LL.P., Québec, The Office

The law offices of Charles Veilleux & Associés, Lawyers, LL.P., s.e.n.c.r.l. were recently established out of the coming together of a varied and qualified team of dedicated professionals. Our small, but growing size allows for an optimal balance between having the diverse backgrounds necessary for coming up with fresh ideas and having the flexibility to implement them. The result is an approach to legal services that is more personalized and focused on our clients and their interests. We believe that this different approach will leave you feeling better served and more cared for than with larger, more traditional firms.

The Expertise

As capable as the team may be, its brain, heart and structure are governed and harnessed by the firm’s founding partner, Mr. Charles-A. Veilleux, who has been serving his clients’ legal needs for over 40 years.

Currently, his attention and that of much of the staff is focused on the case of Spieser c. Canada (Procureur général) which is one of North America’s largest class action lawsuits not only with respect to the scope of the environmental issues it seeks to resolve, but also with respect to the number of cancer patients it covers. This case benefits from our legal, environmental and scientific (toxicology, genetic and oncology) knowledge.


Concurrently to our substantial class action lawsuit, the firm is working with and actively seeking clients in the fields of commercial, civil, public and administrative litigation and counseling as well as municipal and environmental law.

Given our experience in lawsuits on the scale of Spieser c. Canada (Procureur général), we are very interested in helping other victims whose rights would best be recognized and whose losses would be best compensated by way of a class action lawsuit. Feel free to contact us if you have legal needs we might be able to assist you with.

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